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Holy Again

Can't believe, what I'm hearing

This is not, the first time you've messed around

Close my eyes, and wish it all away

Shut the door, there's nothing more to say


(Take me, to your promise land, make me, holy again)


Lay down your armor

Cause I can't live without you

Spill out your innocences

Make us holy again

Drink up the poison well

That fills up all of our veins

We are all connected

So make us holy again


Help me understand, what am I to do

Square it off, just to circle around again

Burning every page, give me all the fire

Shattered halo, please forgive me




What I want, is too late to mend

What you want, burn it down again

What I want, is too far out of reach

What you want, can you make us complete

What I want, what you want 

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