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Forest Circles_Doorway Cutter_Cover CD.jpg

Doorway Cutter

Breathe in and breathe out

Why can't you see

You belong to me

It's how it's always been

Save your selfish skin

Bury your skeleton

Help me realize what's dead is dead and never rise


Just one little hit again

And watch the canvas burn

Take me to that time again I don't want to lose you

Shake me

Push me outside

Lie to me

Seems so easy

Dance inside my head again with poison variables bleed the end

You push and take

Holy water dissipates

Why can't you see what you've done to me


Just one little sip again

To flush it all away

Drown the lonely daughter

Her darkness pacifies her pain

And if only you could see

This is how its always meant to be

And if only it were true

Is there anything left for us to do

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