P o i s o n   L e a v e s

And don't call me honey. Cause I know, what you're up, to now. And don't call me baby. Cause I haven't felt, that, way in so long. I don't want to miss you. If you're not coming out tonight. So don't leave me hanging. Cause you always, stay on my mind. Poison Leaves. I don't want to see you. Cause you're not, who you say, you are. And don't come any closer. Cause I'll just breakdown. Breakdown and cry. Would it be, so hard, to release this hate. See you, changing, consumed inner hate. I wish, you would, feel the light of day.

F e v e r    D r e a m

Head deep in the sand you never tried. Sweep the ashes under the rug and cry. Cause I've got something to prove but it's never enough. Looking up to the moon I see seven of cups. Lost in the woods and endless rain. Tell me what you wanted from me. I will not hold on any longer. Bring up to the surface fever dream. Passing the judgement all swords can sing. Flesh and bones you take all you can steal. Wash away the blood and spin the wheel. So I'm letting go, memories in the snow. Killing me, won't you please, find a way to make the day feel whole. 

L a b y r i n t h

Lead me through this, I know it's not easy. A Labyrinth, poison, hollow out the trees. Show me the way, silently suffering. Show me the way, to let this all go. Show me the way, before I lose faith, hate, freeze my heart in the snow. Feed me bullshit, my intuition screams her name. One step forward I leave no tracks in the snow. Please let me go. Show me the way to burn this all down. Show me the way, to see what's on the other side. Show me the way, forgive me for giving up...

I see no love in your pale blue eyes.